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October 12, 2007



Crack me up!! I actually sat here and played...

Wendy Jo

Thanks for the memories!

Penni Patenaude

Wow! Jake, I don't know what was dumber...the game or me for sitting here and playing until I had 50 points and the computer had 45. That means that I sat here and watched the little black dot cross back and forth for at least 95 times! How stupid...but it was definately fun. Finally, a little challenge I could succeed at!


Not since McEnroe/Bjorg have you seen such amazing volley action

Yes kids, this was the wii of the 70's. My Dad had to sell a kidney to pay for it and we actually had a hard time figuring out the strategy of the game. Ahhh, life before cable....


Oh how funny-I played till my score was
40-5 (I was winning!!!). When does the game end? I got tired and a little bored and just stopped. I remember this game too from when I was in high school. Thanks for the memories.

Domo Sudoku

I Love Pong but I couldn't beat the computer :(

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