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November 21, 2007



I just want to pipe in that Jake started working on designing that turkey several weeks ago. When I asked him about it this morning, he rushed into the crop room to finish it up so that all of you lovely blog readers could have that free download just in time for Thanksgiving!

Also, the office is thinning out quickly as people disappear for the long holiday weekend, so it's not like there's a lot of work left to do today! Woohoo! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


Traci K

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new My QK Collection!!!!!

A complete listing of all the QuicKutz ever made is something that I have been asking for forever. This only makes that dream a little sweeter.

And what timing! My weekend project was to sit down and screen print every die shown on this website to put into a database of my own in order to figure out want I own and what I want. You have shaved countless hours off of this task for me. Thank You!

Now I will know exactly what I want to get at Whimsodoodle the day after Thanksgiving and have time to maybe start creating those Christmas cards.

I can't thank you enough!
Traci K. (St. Petersburg, FL)

Virginia Gomes

The download link is not working. :'(

mary Jean

Hey I think he is a cute turkey...looks like he has lots of meat on him!


I can't get the download link to work either. Did we miss out???? Please say it isn't so!


You did not miss out. Our web site was having a little holiday struggle, that's all. You ought to be able to download the shape now if you want to.


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