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November 30, 2007


Erica Hettwer

Admit it, you know you want to eat that 7 year old candy cane!!!! :D

I do!!! :D


Betsy Pratt

So, have you sent your list to Santa yet? I keep seeing these references to needing a new camera...

Abby Snow

I can see that super cool snowman die ornament in the background and I want to know where I can get one!!!

Linda Trzos

Thank You....I might try it. :) We have a tree made entirely of paper ornaments made with my Silhouette. :)

Jennifer Priest

Love it--your writing is so entertaining. I would love it if I had several hours to spend making ornaments! Thanks for the download.

Penni Patenaude

Hey Jake.

One could almost come to believe that you are saying bah hum bug somewhere in the back of your head! Now, if that 7 year old candy cane were to be gone along with the rest of the tree, wouldn't you find that sad?

Thanks for all the free downloads you give us.


Shame on you for teasing us QK fanatics with the Snowman die ornament!


Not finding the outlet is a better excuse for the lights not being on, on the tree, than blowing out your boss' office christmas lights by plugging in your blender into the end of them because you can't find a nearby plug, and then blowing them out when ya turn it on while trying to make some tasty holiday party drinks for the office ;)

Normally, with my hair dyed, you can't tell I'm originally blonde, but that day I imagine I was glowing ;)

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