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November 09, 2007


mary Jean



1 comment: keep your cats away while opening the globe, these sticky bulbs will be very hard to comb out of their long haired fur coat!!!

Susan Keuter

hey Jake - I have a tip for you to deal with aforementioned "snow fluries" - DRYER SHEET. As in Bounce. Yep - you read it right - a Bounce dryer sheet (or other brand, I assume) works for controlling the lil pellets and keeping them in check, while trying to get them contained in the trash can.

And - if by chance you need to repackage said Snowglobe (for instance if you opened it before you were supposed to, just to cut out a few of the cute, cute, cute snowmen) use the dryer sheet to wipe around the rim of the globe and the pellets can easily be poured back. No static cling.

VIOLA. That's a tip I've been passing around the convention circuit - and it's worked great! Don't ask how I know, or discovered this trick - I've agreed to take the fifth :)

QK Convention "roadie"

Wendy Horrod

My crafting buddies were so keen to see what was in the globe, so I opened it without due care and attention. How embarrassed was I!!!! I was covered from head to foot in little white balls. I would also recommend keeping one's mouth shut whilst opening the said globe!

Cori P

While my husband said "Don't you dare get all those little balls all over the floor", I scrambled to get a plastic bag. Yep! A plastic bag! It worked perfectly!
Can't believe no one thought of that first! LOL

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