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December 07, 2007


Jamie Schnirch

Thanks Jake, and everyone at QK! I LOVE Snowflakes!!!!!

Susan Keuter

we love Brian too! Jake - you seem to be a pretty stand-upish guy too...so consider yourself part of the love fest!

kathleen m

Thanks for the snowflakes.
A girl can never have too many snowflakes

What a special treat!!!!!



The snowflakes are great. Thanks so much. Always need lots of them.



Thank you for the early Christmas gift! How sweet. Just in time to package some Christmas treats! Hope everyone at QK has a fabulous holiday season!


Thank you for the file and for the advise...I'll have to remember that!


Thank you so much for this lovely gift. They look absolutely stunning, love them.


Ruth Ellen

Oooooo - love the snowflakes!! Thanks for the little treat!!


Thanks for the snowflakes, they are beautiful!


Thank you!! I adore snowflakes and these are gorgeous!


Thank you SO MUCH for these 2 snowflakes! I've been searching the web for over an hour trying to find the perfect snowflake and this is it! I know it will cut with my Silhouette because I've NEVER had a problem cutting any of your files. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Love you QK!!!!


Hi there,
I'm new here today and thrilled to have found you. I'm a rookie blogger and well, maybe, even a little "techno-tarded" but... Anyway, I'm just branching out with my silhouette and converting some simple clip art to jpg. I found 2 of your freebies, (thanks by the way) but I'm curious as to how I put these things in my library. I'm such a lazy person that it doesnt make sense to me that I have to look in more than one place for designs. Am I crazy to think this way? Is there anyway to place my own & your freebies into my library?

Sharon Kay

Thank you very much! These snowflakes look great!

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