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December 07, 2007


Erica Hettwer

Hi Yvette,

I don't have the Shillouette...yet. So, you offer of passing on requests to the development team totally trumps free downloads!! :D

I would love to see 2x2 numbers that match the Blossom font for my Squeeze. I love that font so much!


kathleen m

When is Silhouette QK going to upgrade their software to compete with the two others out there?

Please keep your customers in the loop as to what is going on -- hate to buy one of the others waiting and not knowing.


I cannot get my silhouette to print - I have set up the robo as a printer, I can do a test print, and when I tell it to output to robo cutter, my cutter acts like it is going to work, but once I hit the cut key - it sits in lala land.

thank you for your help.


I have several other die cut systems (Yikes...did I just admit that to Quickutz?). But, I am...and will continue to be a Quickutz Girl at heart! But, given that I have so many systems, the Sillouette is unfortunately not going to be on my horizon. I have at least 8 zip aorunds that are packed...and then some that don't fit. Then there is my Revolution and all of those dies too! Those collections continue to grow on a regular basis (thanks santa for the 4 cookie cutter alphabets!)...and my recent acquisition...retired Eliza mini!!! So, given that I am a loyal Quickutz fan (and constantly recruiting anyone that I can into my Quickutz world!) I am concerned that I see all of the new products are for the Sillouette. Please tell me that you are not leaving the "Squeezies" behind! Thanks!


Question: Are all of the previous Quickutz shape and alphabet releases available to purchase for download?

Carla de Zinger

Need help with silhouette. Scanned images cut irregular? What am I doing wrong?


I have been waiting for mac-compatible version of the Silhouette. Is the new SD the answer for me. Is the SD card compatible with MAC or will have have to use a PC?

Debra Cheuvront

When I need a shape in my libray I click on Libary and it has to download each time, is there something I am not doing.

When the libary is finished downloading all of the shapes are red outlined, not color or detail, what can I do to change this and see them as when I shop for them?

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