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January 18, 2008



Not to gloat but it's 72 degrees here. That said, I was 24 years old when I saw snow for the first time so I guess you'd call that a trade off. On the other hand, I do get to see every space shuttle that gets launched...off topic, sorry.

I can't imagine what 3 degrees feels like, or that it's safe to go out into it! Virtual hot cocoa for you my friend, try to stay warm.

mary jean

soooooooo...did you actually go camping??? It's in the 20's here and NO WAY am I leaving my woodburner and hot choc!!!

Penni Patenaude

Jake...I feel your pain. Now feel sorry for me for a moment, if you will. We have truely and honestly about 3-4 feet of the white stuff. That is after a major mid winter melt down two weeks ago. If we added up all of the snow we have had this winter it would be pushing about 6 to 7 feet so far. Muskoka (north of Toronto) is the snowiest place I have ever lived in my life. I am from Alberta and I am going to die of rickets here because I am so Vitamin D deprived...can you top that one?


no i can't, Penni. all i can say is that you're living in the wrong place.



Jake, you keeeel me! You're too darn funny for your own good! ;)

Hey, know who else is funny? Go grab Brian in Silhouette support and make him post something too!

I hope you survived going out in that weather. I have to assume you were KIDDING. I always thought things like boy scouts were supposed to teach useful things. What could be more useful than knowing to avoid camping in 3 degree weather!? Crazy men! ;)

I think I might die if I had to go outside for an extended length of time in anything below like 25 degrees. However, as a Southern California native I was *quite* smug when my translocated Michigander (now ex) husband wanted to curl up and die in the 117 Las Vegas heat.

It WAS dry heat, really!

Teach him to make fun of me in the cold.




Oh Jake I can relate to 3 degrees. We live in upstate NY where 2 degrees is sometimes warm. Many nights we have are -3 degrees. Well when the weather outside is frightful, you must stay inside with your Silhouette and play. So glad I have found this blog and the free files thanks so much. I can't wait to try them out and share them with my other Silhouette buddies at our crop tonight. Love your blog now that I have found it.

Sharon Kay

Thank you very much! This will be my first pen doodle to play with since I just bought my Silhouette SD today!

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