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January 14, 2008



You mentioned a software upgrade for the silhouette. What is it going to cost to get this upgrade for my silhouette?


Is it possible to buy extra vowels in the cookie cutter alphabets?


Tracy - the next Silhouette update will be free, just like the other update have been. One of the benefits of being a Silhouette owner. :)

Kare, right now QK does not offer extra vowels for Cookie Cutter alphabets. It's a request that has definitely been made before... so I'll be happy to pass along your request to product development.




Just have to say thanks for this Q&A session. Though I didn't submit any questions it's great to feel the love from QK and know how y'all are always looking or ways to improve things for us.

Thanks again!


Are you going to come out with some type of welding software for the Silhouette?



Has Quikutz every considered holding a Boot Camp for the Silhouette challenged? I would love to attend something like that. Then maybe you could give us teacher certificates to teach at scrapbooking conventions, etc.


THANK YOU for the upcoming Silhouette file help :o) I have all 5 digital designs and am a QK download junkie and would love to get my files easier and faster.

Now, could you staple Jake to the desk until he can make an easier welding and shadowing system we can do IN our SIL-y Software? I will send him cookies if he makes this possible...chocolate chip cookies, mmmmmmmm......


When is Quickutz coming out with more Grand Alphabets? I dislike the cookie cutters very much and am disappointed the there are no new releases of Grand Alphabets that are not CC's.


Hi, first off i LOVE my Silhouette, purchased it from QVC, and it came with tons of downloads, well i was wondering how i can find out how many downloads i have left, and i see the price of them came waay down...So my card has monetary value instead of an acyual download count??? I am sorry for being not so smart, but is this not the best value for you??? Each is worth $5.00, before they were $10.00..sorry for being so confused

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