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February 15, 2008


Cindy Nevins

Augh! Nobody told me, can you believe that!? Geez, Kirk, with all the slacking I was doing at the QK booth you guys must have just assumed I knew... (or so *I'm* choosing to believe, sniff, sniff!!)

Or maybe I shouldn't have laughed at that *one* thing you said at the workshop. (Or was it the 9.4 sign I held up while you were pronouncing the names you drew out of the box? Hehehe)

I SO would have been there!


ScrapPetals ( Rose )

You guys give away tons of goodies at these shows. Even though we haven't taken home any prizes, we consider ourselves WINNERS everyday we get to introduce people to QuicKutz products! Thanks for all the hard work and innovation.

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