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February 10, 2008



I love the new 12" dies, but is there anything in the works for storage of them? I would like to see that option before I buy any.


Love the new REV stuff (sports!).

Is it true that the Silhouette update encrypts ALL files created in Craft Robo (even user-created ones)?


I would think that there will be a storage option for the new 12" dies at some point, but I don't know when. I trust our product development team to create the best option possible, so if there are some 12" dies that you really like then I would say go ahead and buy them. But I work for QK so of course I'd say that, right? ;)

Bree, I don't know the full answer to your question, but I will try to find out for you tomorrow when I'm back at the office.


When will the FAB new products be available and shipping... Where can I get them first - my lss or directly through the QK web site?All I can say is WOW QK!


The Rockstar alpha is totally awesome!!! I really love the Sports shapes, too. Thanks!


QK totally nailed this release. Awesome, awesome stuff. Yvette, is there artwork available that uses the new alphabets aside from the two promo shots on the main QK page? I'd lover to see more pieces.


LOL, I know you are a little biased, so i will allow it. I love the boarders and will so be getting a few when they get to my LSS.

Mary Satterfield

I have the new Silhouette software and for speed loading so far I am not impressed it takes way longer than the old software. Perhaps I am doing something wrong.


i to want to hear all about the fun adventures. Rumor has it kirk had a grand time singing live at dinner sunday!!!

Kelly McGarry

Any idea of when the silhouette software will be compatible with a MAC? Thanks!

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