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February 28, 2008


Kathleen Adamson

Love the sale stuff...only I wish I'd known Magnolia was going on sale when I bought it on Feb. 16 for the regular price...boohoo!

Kathy In Illinois

Penni Patenaude

I was just snooping around on eBay...seems there is a bit of pirate activity going on...I think someone got the jump on you. There seems to be quite a few of the "unreleased" pirate booty floating around there.

This makes me feel rather sad...those people have gone and spoiled my surprise!

Debbie S.

Hello QuicKutz! I just got my pirates and I love them. Having lots of fun with beards, etc.

Quick question, has there been information about the next release?

Planning a trip with some other QK friends and want to see if new stuff will be out then.

Thank you,

Debbie S.

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