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June 26, 2008


Becky Donohue

I love knowing that there are secret things encoded on the QK packaging.
And I'm a huge Disney fan so I know about the hidden Mickeys. I've spotted a few myself but my 4-year old is the best at it. We found them in our hotel room on the bedspread and in the shelf brackets, even the wallpaper. I also spotted one where the squares of carpet meet up on the floor of the Aerosmith Rockin' Roller Coaster lobby floor that even the cast members hadn't seen.
I don't really have any similar hidden secret stories though.


I just happened to have the same curious mind with hidden messages and puzzles!... got my Biography out and found the state UTAH! ... now i am going to be hunting on all of them!


Brainwashing! That's all we need now!

If you read several MB's, they think QK is gonna release Disney Dies! I guess I'll believe it when I see it!


Sorry folks. No Disney dies. I really did just go to Disneyland, that's all. No subliminal messages this week.


When you next get to Disneyland and if you like Ice-Cream, there is a flavor not listed on the menu called "Fantasia", I believe, if I'm remembering correctly.

It's a fruity flavor with bits of fruit in it, and sold for those "in the know", I guess!


QK user

Four summers ago, we went to Rome as a familiy vacation. During a tour of the Vatican, my 8 year old son looked up and shouted "Look Mom, there's a hidden Mickey!". OK, so those trips to Disney payed off!

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