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June 05, 2008


Jen K

Thanks for the free download :)

Elaine Waters

I cannot download it! It says my software cannot open it. TOOOOO BADDDD!!!


darn it, feel like sending me a die, I don't have an electric cutter!! Those electric people get all the fun!


Thank you so much. Always appreciate the freebies.


Thank you so much. Always appreciate the freebies.

Becky Donohue

I'm so not a seamstress but this will be GREAT for a Cinderella page with my daughter...I just can't figure out where to save it to!

Anyone know which folder to put it in? Please help. TIA!

Marlis Bennett

Wow, i love this. Thank you so much. What a pleasant surprise.



If you open your Silhouette software and click on the download link and then "open", the shape should come up in your software. Otherwise you can save it to whatever folder on your computer you want (just remember where) and then when you're in the Silhouette software, go to file, open, and then search for the file. Either way, the shape will not be saved to "My Library" in the software. Hope that helps!

kathleen m

Thanks for the freebie-- that can't be opened.

In your LIBRRY UPGRADE why are the files affected? if you only upgraded the Libratry -- be honest with your upgrades and say what you did to change the files also.

You duped all of us with the last upgrade that affected all files so they could not be copied and pasted for multiple cuts -- could not share files that we created -- so what is really in this upgrade?


I have updated (or rather, downgraded) the .GSD file so it can be opened with older versions of the Silhouette software. Simply download it again if you'd like to try it out.

Now, let me address some of your concerns. There have been a handful of upgrades to the Silhouette software over the past year or so. We feel that each upgrade has added enough significant benefit to Silhouette owners to make it desirable. However, none of the upgrades have been required. Furthermore, each upgrade has been made available for free on our website: http://www.quickutz.com/silhouette/support

Now, just as any other application, when a new version of the software is released, the file format (in this case the .gsd file) is also modified. Older versions of the software cannot open files saved with the newer versions of the software. However, the newer software is backward-compatible and can open files saved with the older software. For this reason, I have resaved the free .gsd file in this post in the oldest version possible. So, in order to share files with someone who has the lastest software, you'll need to get it yourself. It has never been our practice to keep this information secret in any way.

Now let's talk about copying and pasting images. None of the upgrades issued by QuicKutz have hindered the functionality of the software in any way. If you are indeed having trouble copying and pasting images, you may want to contact our customer service team to get that particular glitch resolved.

The newest version of the software (version 4.54) contains a new version of My Library. It allows faster loading of images in your library as well as access to quickly view all available designs for download. You can organize and search your designs and even view a thumbnail of each instead of the old red outline in the previous version. We feel this upgrade is of significant value and encourage everyone to obtain it. Thank you for your comments.


Mary Satterfield

Hey thanks for the free shape, always love the freebies almost as much as my silhouette. It is a great little machine.

Sharon Kay

Thank you very much for this download!

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