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August 01, 2008


Charlotte JOHANSEN (CharlieDK)

Speaking of love. Can I just say how much I LOOOVE your new feature the EZ reference system. I have just made it for my entire collection - but for some strange reason I cannot search for my exclusive dies i.e. crown, skull, advent candleholder etc. Any chance these could be included too???
Gee it looks like great fun - too bad USA is sooo far away for us to participate. Thanks for sharing some pictures - it is fun to see.



I'm glad you enjoy the reference system, we love it, too! Just so you know, exclusive(or custom) dies can be found by typing "custom" into the search box. Make sure that you are on the correct DIE-SHEET size in order to find the ones you want. Thanks for your comments!

Jan Pierce

Getting excited over the new "LOVE" machine!
When? Where? ....and how much? Christmas is coming soon and surely "SANTA" will want to bring me one this year!!

Really like the QZ Revolution Machine with the extended platform/die strips. SOOOOOOOOO looking forward to examining and trying out this new one...especially good news for those with "LOTS" of dies and not so good hands.

Thank You
Jan Pierce

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