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November 03, 2008



My office had a costume contest and we had a pot luck luncheon. but the best part of all was that i used my QK dies to create the flyers! there is nothing like a dressed up skeleton to invite folks to dress up your bones, or a skeleton with food to invite folks to the pot luck!

Charlotte JOHANSEN (CharlieDK)

Looks like you had lots of fun. ANd WHY am I not surprised to see that Mr. Chipman has a baby TIGGER. Like father, like son - cute and bouncy????

Jen Goodwin

Laura...your costume is HILARIOUS!! Thanks for posting the pictures :)


OK - with a little help I identified one more person I "know" (well at least I have seen him IRL). BUT - I will not reveal him as he is embarrassed enough already. But HI ...(you know who you are...).

beverly johnson wigs

I was looking online for costume ideas when I got this blog post. My cousin and I are trying to come up with easy-to-create yet flamboyant costumes for our next week's house party. She already bought our wigs and her dress yesterday.

It's nice that your company really loves to throw parties like this. Cheers!

-Earl Flournoy

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