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February 24, 2009



2x2 The Egg
4X4 The Tree with the little Bird!

I know I will be getting both!

Kaylyn B

4x4-St.Patrick Day's


shamorck 2x2 and boot 4x4

they are cute!!


2x2 - chick & egg
4x4 - shamrock


Jen M

2x2 = chick and egg
4x4 = tree

Love the new alphabet, I swear that is my favorite sized alphabet die because it is so easy to use!!

Jen M in Texas

Jenn Lynn

Ok, here are my guesses!

2x2 guess: Chocolate Bunny

4x4 guess: Tree

Thanks for the contest!!


2x2 chocolate bunny
4x4 chick

Spring is coming!


2x2: chocolate bunny KS-0932
4x4: tree REV-0182-D

Sara Donaldson

2x2 chocolate bunny
4x4 chick & egg


2x2 Chocolate Bunny
4x4 Weather
They are all cute!

Stacee Brown

I'll guess the REV tree and the 2x2 rain cloud.


Egg with legs and the tree


2x2 gotta be Chocolate Bunny
4x4 definitely Egg w/Legs


And I hope I don't have to wait too long for them on the Silhouette. You're coming to the Archiver's I work at in CO and we're all CRAZY EXCITED!


2x2: Chick KS-930
4x4: Chick Rev-184-S


2x2: Chick KS-930
4x4: Chick Rev-184-S


2x2 chick & egg
4x4 Shamrock


2x2 chicken
4x4 tree

Keep the 4x8 fonts coming. I have everyone so far and I've already told my LSS to call me when the chick-a-dee font comes in.

Nancy Runge

My pick for the 2x2 is the Chocolate Bunny and for the 4x4 is The Tree. These are all super cute and love the Chick-a-dee font!

Jean Carlson

Love them all but if I must choose then I pick:

2x2 chick and egg
4x4 rain puddle

Ruth Ellen Yeager

2x2 die - Chocolate Bunny

4x4 die - Shamrock

trinka king

Chocolate bunny 2x2
Chick and egg 4x4

Michelle Vega

2x2 Chick and egg
4x4 Tree

Shelly Cooksley

I think it will be the chick and egg, and the chocolate bunny.


2x2 - chocolate bunny

4x4 - chick and egg

And I am only voting for these two because my lss had a spring fling, so we in the club see the new dies and those were the two that I had to have. The first thing I picked up was the chick-a-dee font though.

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