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February 18, 2009



I love this new feature...welding and shadowing...I have been playing with it ...did up my name with a flourish...and a butterfly...just playing...and gonna show the girls tonight at the group at the store where I work..Silhouetter's Group...how fun is this...yay hugs..Valerie


This new feature is wonderful. I had no problem upgrading. The welding and shadowing work great. The only problem I had was making the shadow. At first I didn't realize I had to make a copy. After I figured that out it was great.


It's outstanding! I even figured it out on the fly and I'm so not tech savvy.

I'm all set to subscribe for the one-year downloads, as soon as the "runtime error" goes away. I'm itching to play!!!!


I think I got the upgrade the first day it came out and had to sit and play......it's just wow! Love the shadows. Perfect for those busy backgrounds! And finally welding the letters. Yeah! No more finding the edges of a picture. Thanks mountains, or shall I shadows and no seams!

Jen M

Looks like it is really cool!!

Kirsti Fleming

I think this is a great tutorial. I am part of the yahoo Silhouette group and posted my own tutorial for fellow users, but it's nice to have something direct from QK! I am SO thrilled with the software update...I was patient enough to wait for a RoboCraft software application for welding and shadow mats, and even downloaded France's update before QK released this version. I love the updated library and digital downloads section. The only thing I wish is that the Ctrl-A (select all) function worked within the software application.

Jennifer Priest

Awesome! I saw the demo you did at CHA and after I downloaded the update I was off and welding in no time.

Question: What are the fonts you used in the demo above?


I have had problems with the download, I had to work on getting my original library back. I had only icons first. I love the weld and matting. I just have to find the time to try cutting them out now. I'm not sure on how to download new fonts and get them to work yet and I have not seen a tut for that yet... but I'm looking!

Teri Lynn

I love the new software and everything! I have a question about welding the words though... I tried a font that with the old welding procedure I could have welded but not all the letters connected with this new feature. Is it better to type letters individually and put them next to each other fairly close? Because the word I tried was all together in the text box. From using the program more and that feature in particular, what's your experience? Thanks!

Eva Jones

I think I may be doing something wrong because I don't have the weld option. I have downloaded the new version twice but the weld option is not there. Is anyone else having this problem? I need help! Thanks!

Eva Jones

Never mind, I only downloaded part of it. I have it now!! Thanks! I love it!!


Great software upgrade! To finally weld words and create mat using the just the craftrobo is brilliant. I was so happy about it, I got the unlimited subscription to the digital designs! Excellent job!
I just hope we can cut foams with the silhouette eventually. Any plans on making a deep cut blade? =)

Jenn Lynn

Tried it and LOVE it! I love to weld titles and shapes, or just use the offset feature to add dimension to a shape.

Nancy Runge

Fantastic! I'm so glad that you gave us this upgrade. It really is great and is so easy to use. I love it. Thanks!


I too have only icons in My Library after the download. How is this fixed, does anybody know? Thanks!

jeanette uk

me too,it also now wont let me download designs as auto update not working. Has anyone managed to fix this either ?


Some of you mentioned having problems with your My Library only showing icons. Try going to the link below for help.




Thank you Laura! Those links and instructions worked beautifully.

Jean Blender

I love the new welding feature. Thanks for providing it.

Lisa Maybank

Hi Laura
I have just found your site and read your item above about welding words. Iam having alot of trouble and wonder if you can help.
I type out the letters and when I click on weld they seem to join up so that the letters are not recognisable any more.
This is really difficult to explain!!
Do I need to type each letter out seperately? I tried this and moved them over next to each other but after clicking weld they still looked strange?
Are there only certain fonts you can use for this? I've not really used my Silhouette much as I was a bit dissapointed with the instructions that came with it, so far i have only attempted the basics! I daren't attempt a shadow until I can weld.
Can you recommend anywhere to look for indepth instructions on using my Silhouette?
many thanks

Noelle Searfus

I just recently purchased the new Silhouette SD and it's the first silhouette I've had. So far, I've experienced nothing but trouble with it. It just pushes my paper around on the cutting mat. I contacted QuicKutz about this, but the only solution they had was if the cutting mat lost adhesiveness, but I don't see how when it's done this since it was brand new! If anyone would be of help, that would be super!

Lori VanRamshorst

I would like to bring other objects into my library, but how do you do that.
also, is there other free site for clip art and/or designs that be be brought into the library for cutting.

thank you

Mary Satterfield

In response to Noelle, I also just purchased some of the newer cutting mats I have the old machine. They will not work properly the paper also moves around when the machine tries to cut. I did ask through support on the computer but have not received a reply yet and plan on calling later. I will let you know what they tell me.


Everytime I try to weld a shape or letters about half of it disappears! Not just the cutlines but important parts that are needed.

Kristy Ball

I have had problems with my paper sticking to the mat, a friend suggested quilting spray.... OMG it works wonderful. I got mine at JoAnns.com try a fabric store and you can reuse the same mat a billion times with it sticking correctly. I want to use clip art free images online to cut, does anyone know how?

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