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February 26, 2009



I never heard of a cartoon named sheldon. But if the die reminds you of the show the show must of been funny because the die is cute but funny looking.

Jenn Lynn

Not sure if I'm eligible since I was one of the six winners (woo-hoo!) but I think you are referring to Sheldon from the Garfield cartoons. My kids love the new Garfield movie.


Orson's Farm!


If it's the full title of the cartoon, I believe it's "Garfield and Friends".

Deepa M.

I remember seeing that cartoon a couple times :) It's from a comic strip called U.S. Acres (Orson's Farm) that was on Garfield & Friends on television. Too cute!

Janice Roller

Garfield & Friends


I loved him on Garfield and Friends...Saturday mornings!

Jen M

Yep Sheldon was on Garfield and Friends!! That totally reminds me of him too!!

Thanks so much and congrats to all the winners!!

Jen Goodwin

All right stop, collaborate and listen. Ice is back with my brand new invention ...

Now I'm singing and can't get that tune out of my head... :) Have fun!

Sarah Jimenez

Yep, Deepa M's got it... US Acres...a spinoff from Garfield. Good times, Good times!

Ice Ice Baby....You can't touch this!


Garfield and friends.

Debbie Cook

i love that cartoon.
garfield and friends on tv, us acres comic.
but i guess i wasn't first :(


Super idea with small giveaways and congratulations to winners. One small comment though - as this blog is sometimes very quiet for days when I pop in and look I was a bit disappointed to see a competition happen and been overwith in only 2 days - perhaps a week would have been more fun for more people? Just my 5c.
And I really like many of the new dies too.


I'm sorry you're disapointed CharlieDK, I understand that this blog is not consistently updated, and for that I apologize. However, I'm hoping to encourage people to check it more often (especially on or around the release day) and reward those that do. Try popping in again the last week of March.


Oh wow...Garfield and Friends..hahaha okay..I do think sheldon fits this lil guy..ya know...hahaha...when I saw him..I about died..i could not get over those feet and the fur (yellow) showing thru the egg..to cute for words...am I gonna be up all night thinking about Sheldon now?...thanks..hahaha...thats he name.I totally like this ...fits...Garfield was a fav of mine...I used to have a few garfields around my room...and of course all the posters that they could put out...the sunday cartoons in the paper, i would cut them and put them on my closet door..along with Blonde...can you believe that..okay feeling a bit old now...think I might stop here...and the tree did sell out in one day at our store...hugs..


I remember that show too! It was Garfield and Friends. Sheldon would always talk to Orson the pig on the farm. They don't have cartoons like they used to.


U.S Acres was the cartoon - the leader was Orson the pig and the brother was Sheldon - the egg with 2 legs.


U.S Acres was the cartoon - the leader was Orson the pig and the brother was Sheldon - the egg with 2 legs.

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