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March 02, 2009


Jen M.

That's MC Hammer concert would be fun if he did his old stuff. My instructor at the gym uses one of his songs for our Trek sessions and it is always a fun one to get you going!


Hi Laura!!
Whoohoo!! I can't wait to welcome Sheldon to my home! I'm not too great with these blogs - where do I find your email address so I can send you my info?


Silly me, I found your email from the previous post! :)
P.S. Did Hammer dress the same as he did back in the day? And did he do the Chinese typewriter dance?!?


I received my goodies today in the mail.

Thank you,

Becky Donohue

Just curious if we'll get a coffee file for Silhouette any time soon. I've got a year drinking decaf for the sake of nursing my beautiful daughter. But as she's about to turn 1 and I get to have regular coffee again I think a page is in order to commemorate. I'd love to be able to use my Silhouette for it.


Laura & QK - Thank you for the 'Sheldon' die! He arrive on Friday without a crack in his shell! :)

Becky - happy bday to your daughter and congrats to you. You are strong for giving up that caffeine for 1yr & 9mo!

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