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March 17, 2009



Well you didn't mention my moviestar wish - so I'm still dreaming about a "Build George C." or "Emboss Brad P." Can't blame a girl for trying can you??? And don't forget where royalty is due - if you end up using this splendid theme. I can see a Hollywood Boulevard star saying "Charlie" in the near future. LOL - have a nice Wednesday.

Michelle Vega

Could it be night time stories?


I bet it's THE CIRCUS!!


Or possible Independence Day?


I'm almost certain it's the CIRCUS!! (didn't see my post come up - hope I'm not repeating myself)


GREAT job on the release! Love it!


Thought of another idea this morning. Taking advantage of the rainbow as a cookie cutter, it could be used on a large page to cut out a space to make the top part of a speedometer or other meter.

Along similar lines, the cloud could be used in reverse, too, but along the edge of a paper to make it look like several bites have been taken out of the paper. Cookies? Termites? :-)

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