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March 24, 2009



Love and want!


I love these diecuts! They are fun, fresh and funky and waiting to be a prat of my collection . HEHEHE

I have cool idea that I thought when looking at the new dies.

1. you can use the "Sun" as a ships wheel or a gear. Maybe a flower.

2. This brids can be used as fish, yeah, just take the beeks and legs off and you have a "funky fish".

They are all way cool and I love the new approach that Quickuts is taking. I can;t wait to see what they come up with next!!

Jen M.

I love those lollipop trees!!


The mushrooms could be used as spoons
The monkey could be used as a rattle if you take the arms, legs and tail off.

Kim Jones

The sun could be used as a gear, or part of a flower. The tail of the birdies could be used as a leaf or part of a 4 leaf clover.


If you cut the flower border die out of brown paper, and then snip the stems off, the leaves will look like coffee beans! I'm glad I ordered it. I'm going to try this trick as soon as it arrives.

What a great release! Thanks!


You could make circles out of the cuts from the rainbow.
The house bottom (without the roof) looks like it could be made into a coffee mug. Just add a handle.


This release is so fun! I like Angela's idea for the funky fish.

I think the little house could double as an acorn. And I think if you take the body part of the bird and flip it so the tail is facing up and tie a string around the base of the tail it looks like a cinched up goodie bag. The mushrooms could be used as trees. :)


The clouds could be a bubble bath just add a ducky.
The trees could be a river going to a lake. The texture on trees look like waves.


My first thought when I looked at the shapes was that the sun could be a ship's wheel (then I looked at the comments and saw someone else said that). So other ideas ... the house could be an acorn if you cut off the chimney, don't add the door, and round the bottom a little more. The 2x2 speech bubbles could be used to form a family tree. And the rev. star burst without the clouds makes me think of a popsicle - just add sticks to each one.


The clouds can be heads in a crowd.

Wendy Horrod

I have the following ideas:

-The bodies of the dolls could be used as flower vases

- The monkey could be adapted to be a pig as the mouth part looks like a pigs snout and it has a wiggly tail too. I would rest the large head over the body so you only see the legs, then move up the eyes and the nose on the face of the monkey

- The house could be made into a funky tea pot by using the handle of the coffee mug die that came out a few years ago

- The heads of the dolls could be made to look like baby heads, just remove the hair and add some blush on the cheeks and their bodies could be adapted to look like a wrapped blanket.


I thought of another idea (while nursing my baby at 4:30 this morning!). Fold a piece of paper in half the long way and line it up with the flower stems and leaves, don't include the flowers. The fold should be where the flowers end, open it up to make a ladder.


Use birds without legs, cut off the tail and its a speech bubble - and YOU can decide where it points at by using the beech. The chest part from the birds are cute, naive leaves.


Thought of another idea this morning. Taking advantage of the rainbow as a cookie cutter, it could be used on a large page to cut out a space to make the top part of a speedometer or other meter.

Along similar lines, the cloud could be used in reverse, too, but along the edge of a paper to make it look like several bites have been taken out of the paper. Cookies? Termites? :-)

Becky Donohue

OMGosh, tell me this is what the next Silhouette downloads will be themed!!

Adriana P.

I would LOVE to see this in digital for my Silhouette. Please let us know if this will be digital!

Some ideas:

-The mushrooms can be used as rocks or turned upside down to be part of baskets.
- The sun can be a gear - perfect for boy layouts (LEGO pages, robotics, etc.)
-The dolls can be cut out and then remade as russian nesting dolls (matroyskas)
-the three rectangular speech bubbles can be bricks (without the pointy part) or icecubes
-the clouds can be foam/waves in the ocean
-the monkey's eyes can be binoculars


Cut the cloud border out of several layers of white/sparkle tissue paper. Layer and gather slightly for an awesome Santa beard! I used green layers of tissue paper gathered into a circle to make a wreath - I accented with a 3D flower and butterfly for a sample at my favorite scrapbook store (ShopRememberWhen).

Nadine Buston

The first time I saw that funky RS-0937 speech bubble I had to have it. With the little speech pointer cut off, you can fit several of them together to make a brick wall. Rotating that same shape 90 degrees, you could line up a few of them for a funky fence. I can also envision a quirkly frame make with them. I love the shape--it is so unique!!

Shelley P.

Turn the rainbow upside down and make it into a watermelon.

Use a single colour rainbow and make a big smile or a bowl.

Cloud border can be considered as having a bubble bath [or an overflowing one!].

Sun as gears on a bike, gears on machines, just plainly gears - very boyish!

Mushrooms turned sideways become baby or mixing spoons.

Dolls turned upside down can be salt and pepper shakers.

Re-arrange parts of the monkey and you have a pig or a Koala!


The big mushroom's top would make a good gumdrop for gingerbread layouts.

Susan Keuter

the Cloud border - if you cut out a bunch of purple cirlces with the QK Nesting circles - could become a bunch of grapes along the side of the page. Fill in the cloud with layers of purple circles - a nice big bunch of grapes!


becky peterson

i love this new line---so excited for the ones i ordered.......the clouds could be used for bubbles. (bathtime picture or blowing bubbles) the flower border could be used for jelly beans. cut off flower and stems and it should look like a jellybean border. i haven't tried that yet but it should work

Tammy C

What a fun release! I'm thinking the clouds could be used as moguls for skiing LO's, and I bet you can make a T-Rex out of those birds!


I think the mushrooms could be funky arrows. The panda can be reworked to be any number of animals, cat, pig, dog, etc. Trees can be signs if you write different slogans on them. Clouds can be used as grass (background for flowers,etc).

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