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March 05, 2009


Jen M.

100 miles!! Wow!! Congratulations!!


Kyle is the Sales Rep for my favorite scrapbook store (Remember When in Whitesboro, TX) --- we LOVE him! Way to go guys!


Makes my knees ache just looking at him down on the ground!!!

ana roat

I saw a cyclist get run down by a mattress (that flew out of the back end of a pick up truck) once. After making sure he was okay, I laughed until my sides hurt. This picture made me remember the "incident" and now I'm laughing (again) as if it had just happened. Thanks for bringing back such a good memory and congratulations on the 100 miles!



Congratulations on the 100 miles. But I have a question. With all the cyclists on the team, why are there no good cyclist dies. We have been to the Tour de France twice and my husband bike 4000 to 6000 mile a year (I'm the support person) and there is only a lame silhouette die (head is in the wrong position) and a water bottle. There was a cool bicycle made from the Sonja font in an old Quickutz design book. How about some new bicycle silhouette designs?


Well - QK has a bandaid in their collection - but perhaps a cycling helmet will make it as a new die. Always turn a bad thing into something good - so here's an idea for you and as my SIL own a cycling shop I would buy it for sure. =0)


Congrats to the team, and I'm glad Erik is a "bounce right back up" kinda guy! Be sure to tell them how cute they are in their bike shorts! Hee hee!

Lisa (sideoats + scribbles)

Woo hoo, that is so cool that the QK prez + employees like bikes! I'm a bike nut myself! :)

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