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April 08, 2009


Jen M.

SWEET!! I so want one of those!!!

My favorite picture is top row, middle!! Great face!!


Okay, this is a must have. Oh snap! I have to tell my girls!

I love the fact that Quickutz is considering this style of picture into a diecut!

I love them all!

Maegen Jenne

must have this!


Since Polaroid is not going to be around much longer this is the best die ever.

I like the last picture it looks as if he is piercing his tongue. Love the look on his face too. It was hard to pick a fave they are all great pics!!


Love the tongue in the blue hand tool.
Oh, and I love the die, but I would love it as a digital die too so I could resize it.

Kim Jones

Very cool! I'm definitely gonna put this on my wish list. My favorite picture is the tongue in the hand tool one - but they are all goofy and fun!


A fantastic shape! Love it! I think my favourite picture is the last one with the tongue in the Squeeze!


Tongue in the blue hand tool cracked me up! That's my fave!!! I can't wait for this release.


Ok - middle row, left hand side is my favorite! The hat, the expression - they tie in perfectly with 'vintage' polaroid era pics. Great job guys!

Blair M.

Love this idea. I like the one with the grass "crown". That dude is funny!!


This is a must have....especially for all those "not so great" pictures and the fun page you can create around that theme. Great job!


Cute idea! I like the grass crown guy.


I hope it's going to be available for the Silhouette. This is too cool. I like the guy with the Tongue in the squeeze punch. Funny Funny!

Vicki Morris

Very cool die. Can't wait to see them all. My favorite picture is the one of the guy with his tongue in the squeeze. Very funny.

Shelley P.

The guy getting squeezed with the Squeeze is just too funny!! That is exactly something my 3 year old would do if he got into my Squeeze tool.

Ah, boys will be boys!

Jennifer Priest

The pic with the guy with his tongue in the Hand tool! LOL!!!


Got to have this die!!! I so remember my first polaroid and i have a whole album of my kids taken with polaroids (oh how i wish i hadn't)...but that's another story. the gal with the fan is my favorite because of the coloration.. so vintage!


They are so just so candid...but the grass crown...that is funny. I may have to use that idea with a photo of my husband mowing the yard. It would have to be blinged up of course.


LOVE it!! I would have to say it's a tie between Spencer and Chris. The spectacles suit Spence!!


This is AWESOME! My grandpa would take Polaroids when I was a kid and sometimes we'd get to shake them to develop them. What a fun die!


Red hair. Nice hat. 2nd line. Reminds me of a friend with big red hair and just as crazy.

Polaroid Die. Can't wait. I have tried to duplicate that format in the past, but this will be much easier. Even the black on white image reminds me of some Polaroid goof ups I had int he past!

Will it be Revolution size? Digitial download?


If it's a Rev, I'm getting it. Easy to label, this one.

All of the goofy pics a good, but, I like the top middle and the one with the guy's tongue in the Squeeze(ouch!)

becky peterson

my favorite is the first guy on the second row---it made me laugh.---becky

tamara w

We here at Photo Express vote for Gary!

See you next week....bring some clues for the new release!


I sure would like to see layouts with poloroid photos. That's what my 1970's photos are!

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