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April 21, 2009



I love brackets! I can already imagine tons of really cute card desings using the brackets, especially a { happy birthday } one. :)

Lynne Kramer

I can't wait to get that big bracket, the notebook paper and the nesting label (the more square one). One of my first projects is going to be a scrapbook page about some of my son's achievements in school this year and I'll used the notbook paper die for the journaling.


I love the 4x8 fonts - they are my favorite size for making titles in my scrapbooks. That would be my first choice. Next, I really like the nesting label (wavy rectangles or wavy squares). I have a 2 1/2 year old and 4 month old and have many pictures to scrap. The nesting labels would be great for all of the journaling I have to do - esp for our son's birth - lots of stories and visitors to tell about. I also would use them for some of my daughter's art work - I love taking pictures of her painting - that would be the perfect size and a fun shape to slip some of her artwork into my albums.


I love the fancy frame and the finger-string. I want to scrap a page that is titled "Before I Forget..." Those are great shapes!


What an amazing release! Oh, if I only were independently wealthy . . .

Seriously, though, I have never seen a product release by ANYONE, scrapbook-related or not, where I wanted every single item. I mean seriously wanted, like I called my local store within 5 minutes and reserved the office supplies cookie cutter dies for pick up in the morning, even though they'll be full price and the store is an hour away! This has never, ever, ever happened before, because I am the queen of coupons and discounts. I'm thinking to-do lists, chore charts, pages about when my kids came to the office with me every day (for years, by the way), and who knows what else.

I have always loved office supplies and tiny little things (travel sized toiletries, little bits of paper), and I always say that scrapbooking is the perfect combination of them. You just took my addictions to a new level! Thanks so much!

Jessica A

I am CRAZY about this release! I would love the nesting labels. I can see myself labeling all my scrapbook supplies and misc boxes around the house with them to give them a little flair. I am also in LOVE with the instant photo. I already want to photo shop some of my photos to give them an antique look and use this die to get an awesome look. And even though I have the old nesting squares and circles, the new ones are seriously amazing! That is a lot of circles/squares for the cost of what one or two circle punches would cost in a store.
This is my favorite release ever! I just might go broke this month!!


I am all over those nesting labels. Can't wait to get those to use on my cards!! I absolutely love QK and am so glad to see some new nesting shapes on your release. :)


Love the nexting labels and the mini alphabet will be SO useful. Can't wait to get my paws on those! Can you make one that will make cash for us so we can buy more product--oh yeah--the Secret Service frowns on that . . . think it might be called counterfeiting. Oh well, just have to save my pennies.

Kim Jones

I love the nesting labels. My first project would be to make some labels for the inside of my books - and then to use them as journaling boxes in my scrapbooking.


I'm in love with the polaroid die. I saw a sample with the polaroid die and it looked like it was held together with a push pin. Loved it. I'm so going to replicate it when I get my hands on some of these dies.


Awesome release! Love the nesters.

Jen M.

I just have to say that there isn't a one in this month's release that I don't like!! I can't wait to get my hands on that polaroid die!!

Shelley P.

I can't wait to get my hands on the arrows for my boyish layouts!! The arrows will finish off my son's little pirate album.


I really like a lot of the dies from this release.
I love the brackets, the instant photo both sizes, and all the nesting shapes so they will be the first ones for me

Tammy C

I really like those nesting labels and would use them a lot for cards, as well as some nice journaling spots!
The border photo frame is also fantastic, can see using it to put smaller photos in on a LO, or use different embellies in each frame!!

Beth A

I absolutely have to have the instant photo die. I really want to use it for first pictures of my new house and there are so many other ideas in my head.


Just WOW - love it! I've already ordered the instant photo die and the first layout is titled "Evidence" a layout about my QK addiction - thankfully my addiction isn't health harming only purse damaging :). My friends down under call me the QK Queen - LOL. Can't wait for it to arrive after its long plane flight to Australia. Thank goodness for airmail!!! Thanks for a wonderful release!!


I WANT the Polaroid photos! I went to see Nickelback in concert and one of their t-shirts had those on it with pictures of the band. So it would only be fitting to use it on a layout of going to the show! I am also thinking that I could use it for my planner to put pictures on it with comments and wouldn't have to scrap much else besides some pretty paper behind it! I love the new dies!! YIPPEE!!!


Well, my first die(s) were the nesting squares and I already made an 'explosion' book - it was about half the regular production time with those PERFECTLY STRAIGHT squares - love 'em! I also got the 4x4 arrows die . . . the arrow with the circle made perfect clock hands for my wedding layout (a TIME for us). I always have to have the club die and I think this one is perfect for photo 'corners'.

I simply must have the nesting circles and the office supplies! Decisions, decisions - I guess I would pick the nesting circles because of the versatility. I will put them to use right off the bat cutting and layering to make journaling spots for our vacation album. But, then again, the office supplies dies would be PERFECT for a retirement booklet that my hubby asked me to make for one of his co-workers. (Also, I think the thumb tack - turned upside down - would make a cute little candle holder.)


I love the labels, notebook and the polaroid dies. I have so many ideas for the labels and the notebook die. I would like to say I need to journal more and the dies will help me with that and I can match my labels with my los with ease. No more looking through journaling stacks to find I don't have the color i need. I love labels for frames too. The instant photo frame is to DIE for---I have so many Polaroids that this will be cute to add to the lo with journaling or maybe just make another pic look like an instant pic. My mind is racing. I can't wait for my order.


Two months in a row where I have loved every single die, I can't wait to get my hands on the rectangular nesting label, journalling blocks abound I feel

Denise Bryant

I really like the shape of the nesting die. It would be a fun shape to use on a stamped card to focus on the main image.


Wow! This release is going to break the bank. My list keeps growing as I see how the dies have been used by the QK designers. I really can't wait to get my hands on the cute contact cards...I'm planning a rolodex style album as a gift, and these will make it so much more fun since there are different shapes to pick from.


I already bought quite a few of these dies!! I can't wait to make a banner out of the square-ish nesting labels!! SOO cute!

Stacee Brown

I love the border bracket. I love how you can frame a large photo or group of photos and it stands out so simply but stylishly. Another great release Quickutz.

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