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April 07, 2009



I can't wait to see them! My credit card is REALLY hurting with all of these amazing releases!

Jen M.

OK I have to say I am intrigued!! Can't wait to see!!


I am anxious for sure, but my wallet isn't!


can't wait - hoping there is something for the Silhouette?


Oh, yummy! I have been needing a little curvy shape like that - I want to use it as a 'vase' for some flowers!


Can't wait to see! The suspense is killing me!!!!


I can't wait to see them! My local scrapping store closed a few years ago, so no posters for me to see. I agree with a previous poster, hope there's something for the Silhouette.


Since it's a gift set I'm wondering what "extras" are in it besides the dies. The way that they include stamps or gift tags, etc, in other sets. With all that emphasis on color I have to wonder.....

Maegen Jenne

i am so excited i could burst!


A new release on MY B-day - how appropriate is that??? THANKS QK - now just have to hint hint hint to DH... =0)

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