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May 15, 2009



This was the funniest and most entertaining post I've read anywhere for quite a while! Thanks for making me smile from ear to ear as I sneak away from cleaning up all my QK that I have sprawled on my kitchen table!!!! I needed a break and stopped here to check out the blog- glad I did.

Kaylyn B

From Canada, eh? That is awesome! We live in Maple Ridge, BC. My hubby agrees with the "checks/balance"...thankfully then I may go and pick up the latest QuicKutz....


I had the opportunity to meet you several years ago in Chicago at CHA and you were quite delightful. Glad to read that hasn't changed.


Hi Gary, loved to read your post. You are funny! I was happy to meet you at Nathalies store Scrapware, when you were over here in the Netherlands. That raffle was quite the experience.. lol

Oh and eh.. uhm... do you remember a pink squeeze to took back to the states with you??? that was mine.....


That was funny. I enjoyed that. I enjoyed meeting you in person too :) Looking forward what you and the Epic bring to Sweden next time. - G (ScrapEvent, Helsingborg)


Hi Gary. SOOO sorry I missed meeting you and Marie in Sweden. I am sure you were as funny and active as always and that Marie had something extraordinary prepared using QK. But - 2 weeks in France with my DH and family somehow got in the way. Can you EVER forgive me for making that decision... sure hope so. This entry about you is precious... had a few laughs while reading. My DH tells me you're right about the "checks and balances" - he now owns a holiday house in Southern France - does that give you a hint regarding the size of my stash and QK collection..?? Facebook - yes thanks - I got the invite - but sorry - I have things in my past that I don't want to come back haunting me and have decided to stay away from Facebook. Remember I was a child of the wild 70's AND I was a Sizzix-person until you won me over. Imagine what it could do to my reputation if that was ever broadcasted.... Giggle. Take care and PLEASE come back to Denmark and Sweden soon. Hi to Chris too.


Hi Gary, that was a long and funny post. Please do stop in the Netherlands again when you are touring Europe. Last time you showed the 12" plate, I think now it is time to demonstrate the epic6 to us!!


You are a hoot and a holler!

(Who came up with that and how can a person ever be that anyway?)


too funny, this fellow Canadian loved reading your post! :)

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