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May 07, 2009


Kelly Braund

OMG, can't wait to have this & can't wait to see what the free die is! Please show us!!!??? I'm pre-ordering today!


I really was looking forward to this. I will be passing on this pre-order right now. sniff sniff!!


I'm curious to know how this handles the longer 12" dies. Does it require a larger cutting plate?



The Epic handles ALL QK dies including 12" borders. It comes with two platforms (one for cutting, one for embossing) that are 13" long.



Is the cutting platform magnetic like the revolution one?


This is fabulous!! Can't wait!!


Is this the replacment for the 'Love'?

Kelly A.

Can I preorder anywhere online? My LSS doesn't carry QuicKutz products... :( This looks like a very, very cool machine!


Here's some answers to your questions:

-The cutting platform is not magnetic.
-No, this is not the replacement to The Love machine, but more of a replacement for the Revolution (more info to come on that later).
- I'm pretty sure you can preorder this tool from various online retailers and receive the same intro pricing.



Will it cut the cookie cutter dies? How will that work if it's not magnetic?


So what about the Love machine? Are you really still coming out with that. What is the cutting size on the Love? Price point is marvelous... How many plates come with it? will it cut the sizzix big shot dies? Getting ready to have a garage sale.. would love to get rid of the big guy! can't wait.....


Sniff, sniff....I just bought a Revolution and am now disappointed to find out that you've come out with the Epic. I had hoped that I could use other various dies with other than just QK dies in the Revolution. I guess I made a bad judgement in my purchase and looks like I'll be passing up the Epic.


When will the 6 inch dies be available for purchase?


what is the price point on the 6in dies for the epic??? can you show us a preview of some of the dies???


Does this cut chipboard or acrylic? and will it use accucut dies?


Would be nice to have a DEMO Video about this tool. Also what is the "LOVE" machine? I would also like to know how to use the cookie cutter dies in this machine if it does not have the magnetic plate.


I can't wait to have this.
Salute , lengow.

Annette Winschermann

HI, I have bought this machine ( online retailers preorder ) But as I come to the free 6in die ? I live in Germany ...

Julianne Meisen

I'm anxious to see a video, I have the Revolution and am anxious to see more of what's to come!

The bigger, the better when it comes to dies. I'm done with piecing together tiny shapes!


I am interested too, how this will work with the cookie cutter dies if there is no magnetic mat


Will the Epic be able to handle Sizzix dies--the original thick ones, even Bigz? I bought quite a few before I saw the light and went to QK! It looks awesome but it's hard to believe anything could ever top the Silhouette!

Marianne Squire-Maszer

Would love to see answers to some of the above posted questions. I pre-ordered this at my LSS and hope to take it on a scrapbooking cruise to Bermuda next April. I love my Revolution and my Silhouette!


yes video please? I've preordered mine and I think it will be the perfect companion to my Silhouette! I can't wait!

Pat Bushnell

It sounds great! I would like to know more about the "Love". I would love to see a video!
Posted by Pat June 18 at 10:30 p.m.


I live in Sweden and wonder if we also can take part of the generous preorder offer with a free six inch die? I have ordered an Epic from a Swedish retailer (Arkivet design).

I am really looking forward to my Epic!

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