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May 19, 2009


Blair Moch

I would use the Groom to represent my father in his flying days. My father spent his career as a pilot and I have been wanting to make a scrapbook for him for years to showcase all the different planes, helicopters etc that he has flown. That die would be perfect!! I would just need to add some epaulets and voila!! One perfectly poised pilot!


This is such a fun set to play with. Besides being 007, the Groom die cut could be used for Father’s Day Like you can take the die cut of the apron from the “Enjoy” gift set and decorate the Groom to be a “Cookout Master” of course you will add the accessories such as the grill etc.. You can also use him to be a business man in adding a tie and brief case. What ever you feel your man needs to represent bring it out in the accessories of the many dies that Quickutz carries.
As for the Bride, you can decorate her dress to match many occasions that you want to represent. I would add a purse and a hat and a funky paper to make it look as if she was a shopping diva! The possibilities are endless. Prom would be a great idea to use the Bride! Adding shimmering papers and flowers would pop off the page! Oh, I would love to work with these diecuts!!!


I love the groom as 007.
Prom or any formal dances. Us the groom for a fathers day like how a child would look up to there father or how little girls also say they want to marry there dad when they get older (least thats what my 3 yr old told me the other day), you could make the groom into a trophy by putting a base on the bottom, prince charming and princess, add a hat and could be waiter or limo driver, could be barbie and ken, could cut them out in vinyl and make your own car decal. Ok thats all the ideas I have for now. Great release. Thanks

Susan Keuter

Hi Laura! First of all - LOVE this release! And the Bride and Groom were my at-first-sight faves!

I used them on a scrapbook page about prom though - and with just journaling. Cut the "bride" and "groom" out, then used the "boutonniere" out twice, once for him and once as a wrist-coursage for her.

My page is posted in the gallery...http://quickutz.com/qk2/myqk/memberProject.aspx?projectId=4399

Then I asked (begged and pleaded!) with my husband to help me. We both journaled some of our memories of our own proms...in hopes that our daughter will get a kick out of reading them someday!

Next up - scrappin' formal pictures for our last cruise. The Captain's Dinner!!!

Jenn in MO (scrapinstl)

When I look at the silhouette of the Bride alone, I just picture her without the veil and with the Revolution Umbrella added - can you see my vision? It would be so close to the silhouette of MARY POPPINS from the movie!! I dressed up like Mary Poppins for Halloween years ago and still need to scrap those pictures so I'll do up a sample to post in the community gallery. Maybe I can even use one of the purses from the Flirt set as her carpet bag....

Melissa in Clearwater

I'm thinking the skinny wedding dress (REV 0206) could be made into a vase. And the smaller dresses could possibly be made into a hand bell for a Christmas LO. I also would like to see if you could flip some of the dresses upside down so they look like old fashioned ice cream sundae glasses ... I can't wait to get my hands on some of the shapes to try and see if they work like I'm thinking!

Mary C in Mississauga

The wedding dress could also work as a flower girl/little girls dress or for a first communion. You would just have to cut the skirt portion shorter (so that it seemed more little girl like)and add some ribbon ruffles as trim along the bottom and as cap sleeves. You could also use pretty floral pattern paper for a summery little girl dress.

Jenn in MO (scrapinstl)

Ok, I uploaded my page with the bride made into Mary Poppins on the Community Gallery. Hope you like it!

Jenn in MO (scrapinstl)

I just uploaded another version of Mary Poppins, this time with a hat. I couldn't find one at first, but then I checked the original doll 2x2 die set and found one that fit perfectly. Here's the link:

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