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May 02, 2009


Jen M.

I love the REUSE set!! I could see me reusing and reusing that font for a long time!!


Love these new sets!!

Kelly Braund

Love them all, but I really love everything about the Relax set & LOVE the enjoy font!


I like all of the sets. I thing the Enjoy set is most like me (not the bathing suit part)! I like hanging outside and grilling during the summer months. I can see this set being used a lot! The font is really cool too!

Cheryl Reiter

This is a hard question to answer! :) My two favorite fonts are flirt & Reuse. Love the Enjoy bag, who knew it would be so large and lined with polka dots!!! The dies in the Relax set are adorable and perfect for summer! If I had to choose just one...maybe flirt, love the little pink canvas bag, too. Of course, I did buy all four! ;)


I got Reuse and Enjoy today and they are even better in real life. Now I want the others too.


my favorite is flirt! fits me, fits my granddaughters... it's all about my girls.


My favorite set is enjoy. My family loves grilling and has many memories of family dinners "around" the grill. Now my 2 1/2 year old and 4 1/2 month old will grow up with their memories of this too. And, my daughter LOVES playing in the sprinkler and kiddie pool with my husband - the bathing suit shape would come in very handy with all the pictures I've taken of the two of them.

Jessica A

I think my favorite font is the " Enjoy" but I ended up getting the "Reuse" set. My favorite color is green so that kinda did me in, but I love look the look of natural elements like the trees and leaves and such. I also love the little light-bulbs. I think it is a font that will be pretty universal like my Diesel font, and I really like my new green(in more ways than one) tote.

Kelly C.

Wellllll, the Reuse is my favorite overall set, however, the Flirt is my favorite font and the Enjoy & Relax are just too much FUN, soooooooI had to get them ALL!!!
You guys really make it tough on me!!! LOL

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