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June 16, 2009



I pretty much love all QK but if I had to pick one I would say the numbers set! I hope there will be more of those to come in the future in different fonts too! :)


The numbers, absolutely because numbers are milestones in our lives and are often scrapbooked...birthdays, dates, addresses, weight...ok that last one has been very promenient in my life lately.

Amy Svob

Love June's release! There are so many cute shapes and the possiblities are endless for their uses. Trying to figure out which ones to get is the hard part. The numbers are a must have and I love their size! Thanks QK for another great release-you always keep us coming back for more!


These are so cute. I really love the numbers and the toilet, believe it or not, because i have a little one we just potty trained.

Kelly Marie

The sewing machine is super cute! It reminds me of my grandmother :).


I think they are all great- how can anyone just pick one~ I always love ,love, love fonts so I will go with the number set to choose just 1!


Love all the new shapes, especially those numbers.


It is all cute, but I think I would probably use the one or both of the number sets, as I don't use shapes a lot, but I cut titles and dates. Next I like the split rail fence, not sure what I would do with it, there is something about it that I like.

Keri Parish

I love the barn, so cute. There are many things you can do with this collection.

Heather Seibel

Hands down my favorite are the number sets. Because they are so versatile, they can be used in many ways!


The numbers are so cute. Love those and the tub would be good. Cause we are redoing the kiddos bathroom and then we'll start on ours after that.

Melinda M.

Another great release- and I thought that the hint meant the new release would be outer space! Well, it is "out-of-this-world"! My favorite is the window. I could see a picture of each family member in each pane-that would make a cute Christmas card. Or, how about a different scene based on the season- inside or out of the window. The possibilities are endless! Thanks again!

Michelle Bertuzzi

This is like asking me to choose my favorite child! :P

I love the cityscape! It's unique!


Please somebody tell me where I can buy a Silhouette. I have been looking at Cricut, Slice, etc...for the past 6 weeks trying to justify the price of all the cartridges I would have to buy. Then I seen an ad in a scraping magazine for the Silhouette and I have been on the internet for hours looking at all it can do. I want it and I can not find a local store that sells it. Help I am so jealous looking at all of this great work on your website.

Paula Blackburn

My Favorites are the window and the fireplace. They will make wonderful pages for Christmas time layouts. Stockings hung on the mantel and a winter scene outside the window. Love it!!!!

Ann I.

I LOVE that sewing machine! I must have it because it reminds me of my mother who was an avid seamstress! Perfect for some SB pages of her!

Connie M

I love the sewing machine. I just finished a baby quilt and can see that die on a scrapbook page with a photo of the baby on the quilt. So cute. I also love the houses and the ladder. We're remodeling our house right now, with ladders and scaffolding everywhere. I think that ladder die is definitely called for. Great release all around!

Cathy Demel

My favorite die this time is the lamp post. Twine some holly on the pole add some snow on top and a red ribbon under the light. Place it on a card with a snow scene; add a glow to the lamp and you have a perfect holiday card. Given a little time I think all the dies would make great cards even the little toilet. Picture toilet on front of card; Think Your Life is Going Down the Toilet. (open card) Well Plant Some Flowers! ( have the toilet placed outside with flowers growing outof it)(there you have redneck toilet humor)Granted a potty trining card would be cute too!


I love the sewing machine. My favorite number set is #73.

Marjalee Smith

I think I like the homes best. I like to make cards and I think I could use these for some cute "welcome to the neighborhood" and "we're moving" or "we'll miss you" cards. It would be fun to use for neighbor Christmas treats with a "from our home to yours" theme - the possibilities are endless.


What great new releases! The pin cushion was my favorite. I hope they will also be available digital as well.

jennifer Stutzman

I am going to be buying the sewing machine first! :) There are so few things in the scrapbook market that coordinate with sewers. My mother in law is a quilter and i can see using this on a lot of her cards as well as pages i have made about the quilts she makes. Thanks for making this cute die!


If i had to pick just one.... the sewing machine.

It concocts memories of where I grew up, what I have done myself and will most likely be something my daughter will touch in her lifetime too.

but that said, i adore the picket fence - wanted one for sooo long and I am wrapped that after many years ago requesting a proper peg, QK have finally made me one! Thanks QK!!!!! Actually the peg is a tie for favourite, but the sewing machine is an emotional choice - the peg may be much nore versatile.


I love them all. my favorite is the house border you could do lots of neihgborhood page layouts with. kids playing, just hanging out. I also love the sewing stuff for teaching my daughter to sew


Love the new 4x8 Number Sets, so useful in my LOs.

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