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June 23, 2009



Tooooo cute...

Jenn in MO (scrapinstl)

Oh that is just too cute! Feel better soon Raymond!

Liz Reynolds

I am so sorry that Raymond Revolution is getting so tired, and not feelilng well. I have a Ruby Revolution that is hotter than HOT! She might just spice him up! I recommend a good turn or two, and he will fel MUCH better. Great mustache!


Hey Reymond, long time no see! Jennifer came in the store and told me that you were under the weather these days, glad to see you're being taken care of by the specialists at QK, I hope your insurance premium is paid-up...ha, ha! Get well soon so you can meet your new sister Emily, I hear she's a cut-up! Stop looking at me!

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Gear cuttingĀ is the process of creating a gear.

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