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July 09, 2009


Michelle Bertuzzi

Silhouette is my birthday wish list I gave to my hubby for this year so I'm ecstatic to think that I'll be having a chance to play with it in September!
Thanks for this great tutorial!


great little tutorial- I need to play with it myself, I've always known it *could* be done, just haven't bothered to do it!


OMG!! This is such a great thing!

Kathy Humphrey

I've used the print and cut feature with the portfolio cds but it will be great to use on individual designs now!! I love it!


Great ideas. I use print and cut often and I love it.


Just received my silhouette for my birthday and did know about this feature until today so thanks. Also our the monograms going to be available in the online store or only through the portfolio CD's?


Ok - this may be a REALLY stupid question, but where did you get the "happy" monogram from??? Are all of the available QK downloads usable for this purpose or do you need to use only specific ones? If so, how do I know which ones to use??? Or can you do it with any GSD file?

Katie Piotrowksi

Okay I'm soooooo glad you posted this tutorial! I have a Silhouette and I hate to say I rarely use it! Okay, don't throw anything at me! LOL! But, I'm sooooo going to try this over the weekend! TFS, Katie

Chrissy Le

This is the best post ever!! Thank you for the tutorial! Nichol you're too cool for words! Quickutz, you better keep her forever or I'll stop subscribing to your Silhouette library! LOL :P

Katy Young

Been trying to use your great tutorial on this but can't seem to get it to work. Any tips? Is it only on certain images? I'm so confused as to how to do this.

ana roat

I'm a MAC girl. Will Silhouette work for me? Quickutz products are by far my favorite and I wouldn't mine throwing down some serious bucks if the system will work for "mac-girls" like myself.

Happy Monday everyone!


I had NO idea I could do this with my machine. Looking forward to trying it out!


If you have a Mac, you have to get Parallels and then run Windows XP on the Parallels and the silhouette software on the windows xp. I heard that one lady got the Parallels for $69 and the Windows xp on ebay for $65. This is the only thing that she uses the windows for on her mac, but then the silhouette software works like a champ and she can download all the wonderful QK shapes.

Sarah Jimenez

Thank you so much for sharing 'how to'. I knew my machine could do it, but never sat down to figure it out. You make it look so easy, so now I don't have any excuse not to try it out. I love my silhouette machine!! I don't think I do a LO without it anymore! Keep up the good work and the great designs....love 'em!!


WOW great tutorial! I never knew you could do this and I always wondered what the registration marks was for.

Brenda Rowe

Great tutorial. I think I knew it was there, but I haven't tried it yet. Now I will. All these new Print and Cut designs are awesome!


I'm still a little confused. Can you not use card stock to do the print & cut. Also I bought the Sketch pens can you tell me how to use them.


This is awesome -I have the original silhouette and I had no idea that it had this capability. I love it
Is their a tutorial on grouping and ungrouping and any tips on how to make it easier.


Thanks so much for this easy to understand tutorial. I've had my Silhouette for years and have wanted to try 'print and cut' but it always seemed to difficult. You have made it so simple.
I'm off to try it right now!


Hi, a question,- does where you place your paper on your silhouette cuttingmat has anything to do with if this print & cut function will work or not? I have always taken of all of the yellow backing sheet (the large piece in the middle and the two narrow pieces on either side), and placed my paper in the top left or top right corner of my mat on a A4 size document. However, I have lately seen that people don't take of the two narrow strips of yellow backing paper, and align their paper to those. is that the right way of doing it, am I doing it wrong?

Nancy VanWagoner

I haven't tried the Print and Cut feature until now. With your instructions I gave it a try. I still need to work on it because what ever I do it cuts about 1/4 inch off. I will keep trying. Don't really see what the green code 210 is. Any help would be appreciated.

Amy Smith

Wow!! Thanks for sharing...I can't wait to use this!!


Does this work with the original "wishblade"?

Vera Wirianta

I always wondering about the print and cut. Now, I know how to do it. :) Thanks, Kerri.


For the life of me I cannot get all of the registration marks to print. I have a wide format printer but I am using 8.5 x 11 paper. The top line will print and part of the bottom line and dot will print. It "looks" the same on the screen as your sample but every time I go to print, the printer says it is out of the cutting area.

Help! I don't want to give up yet. I bought to many of the print and cut designs.


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