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February 26, 2008


Penni Patenaude

I hear you, Yvette!

We are having a real cold snap here in my neck of the woods. A friend of mine said today that it is so cold that your nostrils will freeze shut! It was sooo cold here this morning that the frost was on the inside of my van windshield! So I was driving a tank taking the kids to school and the dogs to the "spa" this morning. The kids looked like Ralphy from "A Christmas Story" and the little Shih Tzus were just a shakin'! I am still cold and that was three hours ago! I live around the 45th parallel (half way to the north pole) but I sure think the north moved south for the winter.

Come on spring!

Gèraldine TIbbe

Sounds really cold, brrrr!!
Overhere in The Netherlands we didn't have any winter this year, the spring bulbs are blooming already and we had some nice sunny days this month. Is this the consequence of the Global Warming or will next year be like usual again???! Who knows???

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