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February 22, 2008



10. When creating QuicKutz rules, always create an even number of them.


Donna V

And under no circumstances...no pie balls!


Maybe I don't want to know, but what on earth is a pie ball?


Katie Piotrowski

That is too funny! I think 9 is good. Keep it odd....apparently like Darick! LOL! Katie


why do you delete any posts that people put that are not possitive, like the one person that suggested more blogs about actual products and such. I really enjoy your blog it is just something fun to read, but I too would love to get more "real" information when you blog. Just a question. I still love you guys.


Last week Gary visited The Netherlands and it was in one word 'gorgious'. All Dutch QK-addicts were there and enjoyed the time we spent together at Scrapware!!!
Who will be next and bring us some more hot new releases???! :)



They don't delete all posts that aren't positive. Just wander through the Silhouette update blog if you don't believe me.

I can't even imagine how much fun it has to be to have to support something someone else in another country is in charge of creating (for instance, software provided and written by another company)!

That's what I imagine would qualify as an "E-Ticket" ride!



Oops! I have to learn to read, the name goes under the post, I should have been answering Sue not Katie :)


thanks, I just always wondered.


Listen! I don't know why it is such a crime to express what talents I have been given.

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