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February 08, 2008



I love the upgrade! And when are the new portfolio Cd's going to be available for purchase? They are just too cute!!


wonderful wonderful wonderful. I am so excited to see this being an "organized" person.
thanks you QK!


Thank you for the wonderful upgrade!!!!!

Mary Satterfield

Thanks for the free upgrade and new shapes, just bought the scalloped shapes. The Postcard portfolio cd is awesome, some really nice shapes and the alpha is nice to. Still hoping for a way with your software to mat letters and weld words easily.


I have a question. Is it true that after doing this upgrade yesterday, if I create a file in the robo master software and then save it, the file will be encrypted and I won't be able to share with people that have other cutters, such as a wishblade? I belong to several groups, which have various types of cutters and do swaps with files, which I created on my own. Why weren't we warned about this before we took the time to upgrade???

Gèraldine TIbbe

What a great improvement this update. My computer was so slow because of all digital designs and portfolio's in my library and now it takes only a few minutes to be ready, THNX!!!


The new upgrade is just what I was wanting. I love being able to organize my designs and be able to see them in color at that. A great improvement!


Mary, yes, sadly, that's true. For the past 24 hours or so, owners of different cutters have tried in vain to open files created by Silhouette owners who've "upgraded" the My Library feature. The only ones who have been able to open these files are other Silhouette owners, which is not good at all. We should be able to share our own creations with *all* cutter owners, not just those who own Silhouettes.


Ooops, sorry, it was Karen who asked that question, not Mary. My apologies :-(


That is sad that our love of sharing files has been curtailed with the upgrade. I hope it was inadvertant on the part of QK and is changed! Luckily, I have another version loaded on my PC and did not upgrade that one.
I can understand that QIK would not want their downloads shared, even if we do use them to create a cool new file. However, if I design a file in Inkscape, load the DXF and save it as GSD, it should not be encrypted!


Shapes created in the Silhouette software are not encrypted. However, like most software, there are differences in the way files are saved between each version of the Silhouette program. At this time shapes created in the Silhouette software can only be opened in software of the same version or higher. We encourage everyone to upgrade to the most recent software to avoid any possible conflicts that may arise from this backward incompatibility. We are currently working to provide more solutions to this issue.



Updated your program today. Love that I can see the color images of images available to me for download. However the images I already have are in shades of blue. What has gone wrong with the intall and will there be an update for it loading very slow on my end. I am using XP Pro service pak 2. Thanks in advance.

ps....this program is all very new to me (3 weeks)

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