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June 13, 2008



That was absolutley pointless, but funny, we like funny;)

Jenn Owen

That was priceless for Father's Day!

Becky Donohue

Happy to say I have never had a "my baby isn't as cute as the Jones'" moment. Bless with two beautiful girls, one already a QK fan and one in training.

Nothing wrong with a little baby talk, as Forrest Gump would say, "...for no particular reason."


There's a QK release in less than24 hours and *this* is all you can blog about?? Hello. We are dying out here.


LOL, I was going to say the same thing, I am on edge waiting for the new stuff!


When are you releasing the new QK? You've got fans waiting out here.


Today! The June release newsletter is going out this afternoon. You're almost there!


I like to say..."wow...who does he/she look like?" Then that changes the topic of conversation!

Gabrielle Pollacco

ROFL!!!! Too funny!! my dh always says, how can you coo over new borns!!! they all look like little lizards to me!!...heehee, except for ours of course!! LOL!...fun blog piece!!

Becky Donohue

Okay, for those of you who were aching to know about the new releases did you pick up on the connection? Makes sense now when yesterday it seemed random.

Very savvy.


could you give us some more information on the quickutz klub, it was mentioned in the new letter.


Some retailers have their own QuicKutz clubs that they manage on their own. These exclusive dies are for their members, and are also to encourage stores who do not have clubs to start one. Call your local retailers to see if they have a QuicKutz club, or tell them to start!


Jake, I just got to say, there is nothing wrong when someone says 'your baby is soooo alert'! I think of it as a compliment! It means your spud ain't a dud! :-)))))

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