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October 21, 2008


Jennifer Priest

Thanks for doing this!!!


this is awesome...


I have been dying for some cookie cutter stars!


I took the survey and think it's great but can we PLEASE get some type of mobile storage for the Silhouette. I can't take it on my retreats because I'm afraid it will get damanged in just any ole bag. I'd much rather have a Quickutz bag designed specifically for my Silhouette!


I was wondering if QK would consider revamping the border die storage.
(for all in one) Instead if 2 narrow and 1 larger; could they all be the same size in one.

all narrow together
wider together.

thanks for listening

Mary Satterfield

I would like the Silhouette to be able to cut chipboard are there any plans for this?

Jamie Wombacher

I am all for a nice padded carrying case for my silhouette too!

Monica Curtis

I agree, having the Silhouette cut chipboard would be the ultimate!


i am wanting to purchase singular images downloads, I am having trouble with finding them?

Cheryl Watters

Designs that have anything and everything to do with Boy and Girl Scouts would be VERY APPREICATED!!!!!!!!!!

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