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June 16, 2009



this is so hard... i can't choose just one! I can see the city scape below santa in his sled blazing across the nighttime sky wishing "merry christmas to all and to all a goodnight", great card idea? and then the pincushion!!! wow I need that. I used to work for a major sewing machine company and have already silhouetted our sewing machine shape, but the pin cushion would augment all those pages already done! not to mention a cute card "sitting on pins and needles".... and I'd turn the school house into a church in a jiffy...

Mary Dawn

i love the sewing machine the most and i think the font that the numbers are in is a perfect solid basic font that will go with everything...but i also love the buildings and the cityscape...i love them all!

Jenn in MO (scrapinstl)

I love so many of these shapes it is hard to pick one, but if I had to I would say the picket fence - I can see it being used for so many purposes just as a fence - but I also can see cutting off the points and using it as a train track or boardwalk. I also love that finally we have a "#" sign with the number sets - I've really missing having one of those with some of the alpha sets (I scrap a lot of sports stuff so I need a #1 a lot). Thanks QK for another great release!!


I totally love the sewing machine :) My mom, me, and MIL all love sewing in various ways (clothes, decor, and quilts respectively) and I'd love to make them a card or even a tag that says "Sewn especially for you by SMK" to go with some homemade decor pieces!!! :D


The two houses on the left are ADORABLE!! They'd be perfect for house warming gifts and cards! :D

Sarah Jay

Although I love all of the new shapes, I'm most excited about the 4x8 number sets. No. 73 is exactly what I want for the month-by-month baby album I'm starting to put together for my son. The lack of 1s in most alphabet sticker/chipboard sets means I'll never get to month 12 without buying several sets or finding the perfect dies, like these!

Katy Young

I am in love with the sewing machine and pincushion! My mom is a seamstress and I'd love to get this die to make her layouts and cards! Too cute!

Kaylyn B

This whole release is stinkin' cute! Pick just one? Well, my favorite would have to be: house REV-0213-S

Perfect for scrapbooking about our home. A new home card, we're moving card....so many ideas..

Jen M

There are a lot of great ones in this collection, I could see using the toilet for potty training pages and the school house for school pages but I think my favorite die is the pin cushion. Only because I think you could make that into a lot of different little things for pages, like a tomato for a gardening page or an alien for a little boy page!!

Great release! Those numbers are cool too!!
Jen M in Texas

Nancy L in Vancouver

These are great releases! I love the numbers and the city skyline too! Great for covers of mini albums and highlighting in pages. So versatile!!!


I like the grand numbers by son plays football and I just love the chunky look of the numbers on layouts. I would also use them to make a few t-shirt iron ons with his number. #66
Fun Fun Fun
Thank you,


Oh, that layout so makes me miss Denver! I really love the little house and the adorable lamp post shape! I have also thought of lots of creative ways to use the sideways hanging sign die cut, too! It's great for layout titles or dates!

Heather Ippolito

Love the number sets!!! There is so much you can do with numbers! My daughter is just learning to add and subtract so I would love to do some flash cards for her with her favorite things on them.


I love these new releases! It's hard to choose which is my favorite because I've already added to my list just by looking at the samples.
I am very excited about the no.73 number set and the hanging sign. I do a lot of travel pages and I can see that being used to identify all kinds of things. I also think the cityscape and window have great potential for cards, pages etc. I just love how you can use so many shapes together to create different looks. You aren't limited to just the original idea of the image. Thanks again QK!


OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS ENTIRE COLLECTION! My husband and I just bought our first house (we're scheduled to close on July 22nd!) so this timing is PERFECT. If I had to choose, I'd say my favorite is the picket fence. So classic Americana. Thank you, QuicKutz!


I love them all, but I like the school house. It reminds me of the one room school house that my husband went to school in. I would use it to do pages with my husband's childhood school pictures.


It's so hard to pick ! The barn would be so cute for a book of farm animals I would like to make for my grandson. Or, one of the little houses would be great for a page of my daughter moving into her own first home.


Love the houses and the sewing machine!


I love the sign because I can use it with rollerskate alphabet to use on my violin shop pages as titles to each project. T lamposst is pretty cool too!


Wow it's so hard to choose, but I love the numbers and the sewing machine dies. I do sew, but I still love it!

Maegen Jenne

ps...i heart 2 sew is by maegen jenne :o) i loved this release!


the sewing maching is gorgeous, but the houses and numbers would be what I'd buy.

Patty W

Love all the houses and barn..so much to do with those! New home cards, city cards, moving cards... picnic, bbq...Even just as a background piece on a flower card!

The #73 number set it way cool! Love it!

Love all the sewing pieces, lots of use for those!

Oh and the mailbox !!!!!!!! love it!
oh my..they are all fabulous!

Amy V.

Oh WOW! The possibilities are endless! My favorites are the sewing machine and the toilet. I like the sewing machine because my Mom has always sewn and is constantly making things for my children. Would be great to photograph these items and use this die on some layouts. She also belongs to several quilting groups and I'm always helping her shop for Christmas and birthday gifts for her friends (she lives in a small town and I'm in a city). We could make such cute tags/cards with this die. The TOILET is oh so cute! I have one little one who is working on potty training right now...how cute to make a potty chart and use the die to cut out some toilets (put a magnet on the back) and every time she goes in the potty let her put one on her chart.

But honestly - LOVE all the dies!

Joni Kix

If I had to pick just one, it would be the 4x8 number set. It's a perfect font to go with everything!

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