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June 16, 2009



I can only choose a few? Okay, okay, if you had to push me, I guess I would pick the numbers die and the cityscape- perfect for all those SF pictures!!!!


I love the window! I can see all the possiblities! What a great way to mat photos on a page or in a frame!


oops. Sorry Maegen. I fixed it.


As someone who loves to sew, I love the new sewing machine die!

Lera Hess

The houses are just too cute! I love them! I think they are very versatile.


I'm all for the sewing machine! I just got my mother's back from my sister. Mom made all our clothes on it! This may be a page in the making...


I will use the dies to scrap with - love the card ideas but the time just isn't there to scrap and make cards. My first thought was the toilet will be great for when we start potty training our daughter. I also like the washer and dryer - I happened to take pictures of my 6 month old son in a laundry basket with clean clothes. Thanks for the opportunity to win some dies! :)


What a CUTE release!!! My favorite is the toilet die. I just started working on potty training my twins and am looking forward to making a cute charts and scrapbook pages with it. THANK YOU QUICKUTZ!!

Becky Donohue

Oh my goodness! The houses are SO cute! The blue one looks just like the first house my husband & I lived in, right down to the blue color and the shrubs out front!!

And the other house looks like the one we live in now. They are absolutely adorable!

Melissa H

I have many favorites but I love the picket fence and no. 48.

maria cloud

awesome release - I love the big numbers - they are awesome

Denise Bryant

Several are on my wish list! I especially like the houses, the oval hanging sign, the window and the toilet. I love the window for a card front with a piece of clear acetate for the glass panes. All kinds of fun stuff can be peeking out.

Kris Kayser

Since I love to quilt(right after scrapbooking and cardmaking), I would choose the sewing machine die as my favorite. I love quickutz! Can't wait to see what they come up with next!!!

Tina Curtis

I am really loving all the NEW stuff QuicKutz is coming out with! Great sets. Keep up the great work everyone!!!

juli bowen

So excited to get my paws on these...doing some vintage scrapbooking...my parents both grew up in small rural towns...the school house and barn are sooooo perfect!

Betty Smeltzer

Love the schoolhouse. I have pictures of kids who went to the same one room school as I many years ago. This would be perfect to add to that layout.


It is really hard to choose, that's for sure! As soon as I saw the toilet I got all excited--I just happen to have a toddler potty training right now!

Also excited about the little houses. We're saving up for our first home and I think it would be cute to make a little notebook to document our progress and write down words of encouragement to keep going!!

Annette LOng

I love the houses and the mail boxes. I would make moving cards and new houses cards.

Kathleen Ford

This is a very interesting over all release. There is something for everyone in this release!! Great job!!

Mary F

I LOVE the endless possiblities with the lamp post-Christmas,Halloween,new home, and New Orleans all come to mind when I see it. The jumbo numbers have alot of possibilites as well-there really is SO much you can do with so many of these dies-the only thing missing was a couch and recliner! I had a really hard time deciding what to buy so the chance to get two more would be awesome!! ;)

Barb Lamaere

Love them all! So hard to choose. Love the sewing machine & pin cushoin. My sister in law is a huge quilter so some nice cards for her in the futre with these dies. How many will be in my possesion? Not sure will have to think...wait thunk too long ALOT of them! LOL


Having just bought a new house I'm super excited about the new numbers and signs! Since I love to sew, I'd also have lots of fun with the sewing machine and pin cushion. Very excited about this release.

Elaine B. in Southern Utah

You guys just keep getting better and better! Love all the new stuff! I would be so Stoked to win a couple of those Dies!!! Go Quickutz!!!


I absolutely love the city skyline. It reminds me of growing up in NYC. I would love to use the border on pages featuring my grandparents and great grandparents.


Definately the 4x8 Grand Numbers - I could do alot of layouts with those but that cityscape border is sweet too!

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