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June 16, 2009


Catherine S.

I would start with the pin cushion just for the cuteness factor and think of ways to use it later.

I really like the signs and nameplate because those I would use more on a regular basis either to use on layouts for the date/labeling names or use them to make tags (i.e. for packages or use the tag and string to make sliverwear wrappers). The picket fence and house dies would be great to have to make cards for “I am moving” or “Congratulations on your new house.”


I can't go past the houses and school house - there is no place like home and thats where these dies belong - my home!!

Thanks for the opportunity!


These are so cute! I would love to make number flashcards for my son with the 4x8 number set!

Wendy Horrod

I am loving the fireplace - I feel Christmassy already. I'm imagining a lovely fireplace scene with stockings hanging with familys initials on them. I would make some mini cards to put on top of the fireplace too. How exciting - what a fab release.

If I had to choose another it would be the house (Rev-013). Again, another Christmas scene with a wreath on the door and snow drapped on the roof of the house. A Christmas tree outside with lights on and a snowman next to the house. I could also use the picket fence in this scene.

Pam Spradlin

When I saw the window frame, I thought of putting 4 smaller pictures behind it but then decided on larger picture with the window frames dividing it. The little grey house looks almost exactly like the house I grew up in so I know that will be a must have. I think the grand numbers will also be a must. Love that size.


I have two faves after thinking and thinking. First would be the barn. Being from Ohio I take a lot of pics of the Ohio painted barns. I can see using the barn with the Ohio die to make these barns stand out. I also love the little schoolhouse. I take too many school pics to not use this cute die. I also have a few pictures of older schoolhouses that are here in Ohio( which look just like that schoolhouse). Its very hard not to get my wheels in my mind racing on how I would use these dies.

jules p

i love the numbers. you could use them so many different ways!


HARD to choose - but I love the pin cushion AND the sewing machine. The houses are perfect for so many things too - but if I HAVE to choose - I'll stick to my first choise.


i really love the buildings and the cityscape! great for travel pages :)
the TOILET is way cute! Have no idea what i could use it for..... but i am sure i could find something! LOL remember the signs on washroom doors - knock once if waiting, knock twice if rushed, and so forth?? Maybe one of those signs! :)


I am loving this release. My favorites are the washer and dryer. I can see so many other uses for this die. I am planning on using them as stove, air conditioner unit and dishwasher.


I hate to pick just ONE!! I love the house and I have been wanting to make a "New Home" card for my sister. I love the numbers and with a new granddaughter and another on the way in Sept I will definitely use that one!


My favorite shape from this release is the sewing machine die. My mom taught me to sew when I was really young and we'd have fun making doll clothes together. She also used to make my Halloween costumes. Now she helps me make amazing Halloween costumes for my kids. This new die will look super cute on pages about her and our sewing adventures together.


I REALLY like three of them. 1. The No. 73 4x8 Numbers. I love to use huge numbers on birthday pages and I always end up having to use the Acucut machine. Not any more! 2. The picket fence. What's not to love? I see a ton of cute summer pages and cute cards in my future. 3. The fireplace. We've got a real one that looks much like the die. It would be great on a Christmas page.


I thought I left a comment last night, but I must have done it wrong. Let's try again. I love all the new dies. I think I would buy the little set of houses first because they would be so fun for making cards for 'welcome to the neighborhood' or 'We're moving' or sharing treats - 'from our home to yours', etc.

Michelle D

It was REALLY hard to choose a favorite out of this group. There are so many good ones for so many things. The one I'd use most, though, is probably the city skyline border die. It's perfect for scrapbooking trips to various cities, graduation cards for kids going off to the "big city," and home decor. Though those numbers are hard to beat. I didn't know I needed them until you made them, lol!

Thanks for the great release.

Dawn Gallop

OOOOO!!!! I love the sewing machine!! The washing machine is soooo cute!! I love them all...just tooooo hard to decide!! I love to sew.....and I do about nine loads of laundry a day..there is 11 of us. So it is a tough choice.......eni mini minei mo.......the sewing machine!!! More fun than doing laundry!! Love it! Dawn

jennifer mitten

Being an avid sewer from age 8, I'd pick the sewing machine shape. My mom is also an avid sewer and makes lots of doll clothes - I'd love to do a layout with the sewing machine and a few photos of her sewing tiny clothes along with a cute fabric cutout of a sewing pattern for doll clothes. I am picturing it right now:-)


I just love the picket fence and lamp post,
would loke great on scrapbook pages and cards

Tammy C

What a hard decision to make! My favorite is lampost, I want to use it to make a card with the saying "you light up my life." It could also be used for pics that have streetlamps in them, like the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Denise VanBlaricom

With a release like this, how can you just choose a few. They are all awesome and to my knowledge there isnt another company with these type of dies. I would have to vote for the house, barn, and school. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome...

Lara S.

There are too many cute ones in this release! If I had to pick only one or two I'd have to go with the numbers and the gated fence border as my first picks.


Sorry - me again - forgot to say WHY I would choose the pin cushion / sewing machine. My daughter was a tiny preemie when she was born 30 years ago and even though I had NEVER been good at sewing at school I decided to make her own clothes and did so for YEARS to make her stuff that would fit her tiny size. Last major task was her dress for her confirmation when she was 15 years old. Luckily all this was before QK and scrapping got into my life - but I have lots of photoes I could get scrapped with these dies. THANKS...

laura j

When I first saw the toilet seat I laughed, but now I think it's my favorite! I'm a card maker and can see so many humorous cards that I could make with it!


i do like the sewing machine die even though i don't sew. i envision me using it to make corny cards & LO's with sayings like: u r sew cute, sew, what's up, sew funny, etc...

Mary Newman

Love this release. It is so versatile. The Fence is my favorite.

Keep them coming QK!!!!! I'm totally addicted. :)

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