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June 26, 2009



I don't care about the giveaway - I just have to tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Silhouette Camping images! I already have one on the back of my camper. Oh, that reminds me - we need a camper and/or 5th wheel image! I like that guy's style! Thank you!

Heather H.

Awesome!!! Thanks!!!!!

tamara w

Thanks for all the nice new releases for the Silhouette machine. I have cut the retro tree for use in my classroom.

I am working to round up my Facebook friends to have them join the group. I would like to own this machine, well er, ok...win!


My son is still trying to teach my facebook...so I'm going to have to seat this giveaway out...I didn't fing that you were disappointing at all...just maybe for me as I don't really know enough about facebook and have no friends on it I think...lols...


I just friended you! I can't wait to see your updates!

Linda Olsson (Zanya)

Awesome :D I´ve added you now, and spread the word. :) Thanks!
(Byw - Your email adress seemed to be misspelled - quickuz instead of quickutz)


great idea


Fabulous idea! I joined and my friends are starting to join as well! :)

AnnaMarie Ferrell

Wow, that's easy. You should definitely post more often, Kirk.


Sorry Kirk - as tempting as this would be - I am a "NO to Facebook" person. I love QK, I come here VERY often, post on the gallery, I update my blog several times a week and I "sell" QK to everyone I know. I just hope QK will not forget those of us staying away from Facebook - please remember to add news and good stuff for us here and through mailings. Would hate to loose contact just because I will not belong to Facebook. And sorry Kirk - this is NOT personal - you can post again.... Ü

Heather D.

OF COURSE! I would LOVE to become a fan of yours on FB!!! I signed up right away! And hopefully some of my friends are too!

Sue Bonebrake-Robinson

I befriended QK, but will probably not be checking on FB often - everytime I sit in front of the computer, I think "I'd rather be scrapping" and head for my table instead! But thanks for the opportunity to win product!

Christy C.

Love the Quickutz. Can't wait to see more.
Keep up the great work.

tamara w

Thank you QK and Kirk for this contest.
I cannot wait to get my hands on the machine. I bought the Silouette instead of the Revolution and this machine will alow my to use my collection of dies I have accumulated over the years.


I <3 <3 <3 [heart] QK, but I dislike FB. As yet, not blog either but its comin'!!

So I cannot join in the fun of the chance of a free Epic and that's OK [I guess :-( ], but I hope we non FB'ers don't miss out on too much fun and info by not being in the loop!

and I 'sell qk or convert' to EVERY person I see in the die cut aisle or when an opportunity to talk QK comes up!. Still the best company around!

and Thanks QK for finally making the clothes peg after asking many years ago! <3

Liz Reynolds

I guess I will have to break down and get with the 21st Century - I will figure out how to Facebook. I love Quickutz and ALL the fun dies and Silhouette. I like that Squeeze and Revolution are SOOOO PORTABLE and Low-tech! Great for SCRAP-Camping and wherever Kutting! Thanks. Have a great KUT!

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