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July 20, 2009


Melanie K.

I did find that the designs that were cut last (they were positioned on one end) seemed out of register (example 'the story of us' tag cut outside the red a little; the 'runjumpplay' tag had the gray color on the bottom and one side). Is there a way to compensate for this?


I am new to this system. For the present time I am interested in stencils only. If I wanted to make a stencil from a solid design. If there a way to do this. Example: solid heart design, but I want a stencil for the outline of the heart? I want these for glass etching. The text part is easy, it is the images, I may have trouble with

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How can I print about 12 powerpoint slides on one piece of paper??
I need to print out 50 slides and I dont want each slide on a piece of paper. I once saw someone with about 12 or more little slides on one piece of paper.. How can I do this?

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That has to be the cutest freakin' thing I've ever seen. Love the yarn colors you used too. Definitely going to make one for myself! Thanks for the tutorial!


Ihave a new machine , still can't get the drift of print and cut no matter what I do , also it says on the adverts that you can cut thin foam, whuich would be great , if so is there any special foam to be used and how do I get it? thanks

Laurie Folino

Another great tut! Thank you! I am a MAC too. So glad I found your blog.



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