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August 05, 2009


Taina M

Cool and really cute too!


I LOVE the flowers! Can't wait to try! Thanks for experimenting...you're inspiring all of us to try new things! :)

tamara w

Smart....glad it worked so well to cut with the Silhouette. My mom (quilter) has a stash of fabric that I think I can get my hands on :)


I have sooooo much fabric. I can't wait to try this. Thanks for the tip!


wow! I love the fabric idea!! those canvases are beautiful!


love the canvases. I'll have to give it a try.


Great to hear that you actually CAN cut fabric with the Silhouette, even though previously it's been advised not to! Makes me wonder... is there a certain type of fabric that's "safe" to use versus one that might really cause damage to the machine? I'd love to know so I can try this at home!! Thanks for the great tip!

K in PA

Great news! I have been wondering about this for some time. Could you please tell us what settings and blade you used to cut the fabric? Details, please! Thanks!


Amy, you are a rockstar!! I would have been afraid to try this on my own!!


Amy these are gorgeous!

Patti Church

I am so glad to hear the you can cut fabric with this tool. The possibilities are now endless.

Thanks for posting this.

Amy Walton

Some details.
Select a higher quality fabric. (thin, but with a fairly dense weave... I'm not a quilter, there are probably great terms for all this). I used some cheaper stuff first and it just frayed. Also when you apply the fabric stiffener, whether it's a spray or a brush-on, make sure you coat the whole thing. I used the pink cap on my silhouette and the same settings I use to cut my thickest cardstock. Although there was no noticeable damage to my tool, I imagine the blade would wear down a little quicker if you're cutting stiff fabric all the time. So far, mine still cuts like a dream, though. Good luck experimenting! Let us know if you figure out any more tricks.


Too cool. I love it. Got me a-thinkin' now!

ginger owens

have you tried wonder under? I don't have a silhouette..wanting to purchase one if this works...... cut your fabric in a block form iron on "wonder under" to the fabric. It leaves the fabric stuck to the wonder under. Once that is ironed on the fabric has a paper backing to allow it to be still enough to cut? I don't know. May want to try. The wonder under is a glue type sheet that you can peel off the back of your fabric after you cut and apply .


Really need an artistic mind when you make designs like this one because as you can see in the photo, its not really that easy to make.

air yeezy

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Liz Taylor

Thanks so much for the tip. I'm going to try cutting fabric with mine this weekend.

Claire @Pootleflumpssewingroom

Ive been thinking on buying one of these to cut fabric with but Im still scared it wont work!! Has anyone tried it with wonder under yet? Would be amazing if it worked with that.

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Laurie Folino

Love this! I need to start using my Silhouette and put it to some good use. I hand cut all my fabric letters for my super hero shirts.


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